From the outside looking in, the press release for this excellent CD by Joe Ferrara at first suggests an assembly of material that might be a little too wide-ranging for the taste of most listeners. Reading on, however, one thing in that release is absolutely spot-on when it states that such is the singer’s skill and musicality he hold it all together.
Ferrara is one cat that understands the mash up. Totally crazy set that tries valiantly to be something for everyone, just like in the old days, except doing it for now. Wild.
Whoa! Avant-Sinatra?!?! Is such a thing possible?
Step right up and give a listen to Joe Ferrara, who gives Tom Jones a run for the money in terms of macho pop song delivery
The names of crooners Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Roselli, introspective rocker Morrissey and idiosyncratic singer-songwriter Tom Waits do not usually come up in the same conversation.

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